Previously on, It’$ Probably Just an “Exaggeration » for April’s Fish They


« D’azur à l’étoile d’or accompagnée de trois croissants d’argent³»

For the record, I can show you how to get to Sesame Street, but I can’t make you eat the Frog’s legs. Sesame Street, it’s right accros from the Scientology ‘castle’ on Hollywood Boulevard, but pay no attention to that, currently I am crashing on the Eastern end of the diameter of the old House of Wheat in front of Le Pied du Cochon, opposite to Mí, on the Western side of the Chord on that Circle is Silver, but in all seriousness I doubt that the fellow on that saddle is “El Llanero Solitario,” because by the look of his footwear, he reminds me of los “chiveros” de San José de Las Panochas, which as i recall, were excellent jockeys at las carreras parejeras… nice loafers, cowboy.

It’s probably only a rumor, Rosa. —Who’s gonna buy a pamphlet honing in, in ‘negritas*’ I might add, {on} an event titled, Semaine de la presse et des médias dans l’école? Who?

Question for the SPME¤:

— Page one of the abovementioned pamphlet opens up with what appears to be the consensus of the SPME when it comes to understanding what the word media is, “all means to diffuse information at one crowd [public],” with that frame of refererence skip all of the preliminaries and direct me to what the SPME understands for the concept of censorship?

*.~ In bold lettering, in case you own a Premiers League football club, or still believe that Davy Crockett is a worthy Ambassador for Disneyland Europe, like those fellows over on THE MORNING JOE SHOW, do.
¤.~ Semaine Presse Médias École.


It’s going to be a cold one tonight… Larue promises snow at Viarmes circle, dit rue.


³.~ « c’est-à-dire qu’avec du recul et des informations différentes, les choix, décisions, ou jugements seront les plus sages, donc les plus vertueuses »


That’s the Power of Wanda’.



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