“En ‘solaridad’ con Bohemian Rhapsody

Mr. Taylor¹ is not available for this trip through the TEQUENDAMA Falls, notwithstanding, as Marie Jana makes her way through The Valley Of The Lilly, Mr. Hawkins baguettes were ready to prepare the Pain Perdu for the trip into the place where all who enter, abandon hope… if they don’t have a guide for them Catacombs below la ‘bendita’ Sorbonne.

– In a New York Minute, Mr. Hawkins and Madam Secretary will be walking into The Hotel California

 “I want to be the biggest band in the world,”

🎶 The guilty undertaker sighs… I Want You. (Blonde on blonde).

Taylor Hawkins on the occasion of the FOO’s first Silver Bullet Band Anniversary.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2022/03/25 /arts /music /taylor-hawkins-foo-fighters-dead .html

The road to Bombay…
from The New York Times, without a Guide, but with a lot of Witt… EYE mean, look at the SIZE of them Speakers! WOW!!!

¹.~ Sir Roger Meddows Taylor – Influencer and baguette hustler.

En Colombia, Taylor… sin embargo Vives {and} isn’t, IT!, ironic that, In The End, your Midnight Medicine came in the form of a Jagged Little Pill²?

².~ https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jagged_Little_Pill

Bienvenida Tijuana.

And in Washington, D.C., The Fed is eating take-out, The Fed’s Wife on the other hand SawwaR in Poland.


Huit huîtres hutíes para la Mesa de los tres tristes tigres.

Le prix du pétrole augmente après l’attaque contre des installations en Arabie saoudite


Eh, putooo ⚽ youse such a BooB.

YEDÁ 🕋  🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🚒


KURWA in high-fi, dolby surround, digital dts, mono-a-mono and of course,

The FO’ist casualty of waR en VARsovia was the sancticty of SOUND, let’s hope that the POLICY of Truth is not at stake {or} as Admiral Stradivarius calls it, a juicy rib-eye in Finland. Indeed, the SIREN overkill ofTHE BEAST” on parade was just a little too MEXICAN on the way to see about that DUDA.

— {and} if {and} only if:

— YOUSE is Madame Hidalgo, Anne [one-EACH] then ↓

— ‘insert’ this paragraph on the back of the receipt:

POMP, CIRCUMSTANCE and motorcades are not uncommon in PANAME, except when the visiting party BOMBASTICALLY traverses from one side of town to City Hall (downtown) with half the lot of CADILLAC ESCALADEs in Eastern Europe, Jesus ‘fucking’ Christ! President Biden, what are Ewe! Enrique Peña Nieto celebrating the year of mexikito en farce!!! C’mon, MAN!!! You make Americans look like loud wailing fuckers. NoiZe discipline ESCALADE ONE, NoiZe discipline that BEAST.

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