Over at The Washington Post

The “clown” in Ukraine gets a set of Speakers from Santana and goes on a World tour.

Mick Jagger stars as Admiral Stradivarius… well you HO’id about the Bosstonne.

It’s knot one of those,

{and} in Paris, France, at la Place des Victoires, the Mexican Consulate skinned a leopard and wrapped it around the VIGAS of one of them Mme. Hidalgo’s confiscated bancas napoleónicas. Trou ♠️ Story.

And, Mme. Hidalgo, come back to the AYUNTAMIENTO, the city is in disarray, the Water is not the same, and the library next to Mick Jagger as president Vlodomyr Z., is experimenting on new TORQUEMADA techniques to keep the bums from the “ESPACE Multimedia”, I mean look at this fucking design:

You should see the Agora. Hey’hey Ma’mA say the way Ewe look. This is called, KISS my ASS, your set-up sucks.

It’s great if you are a robot, or a librarian who doesn’t enjoy customers. FUUUUCKKKKKKK! The cables are the same ol’raggedy wires from the other room from which this fucking NODE was shifted from.

Anyhow, i came here to transfer my Baggagerie snapshot onto my Outlook and things are not looking peachy.

Meanwhile in Chihuahuita… another kind of SLAVA miro trough the Eye Glass.

P.S.: And Gene Robinson (you sexy motherfucker) fuck you, and that guy who’s going to play tonight at Luc des Lombards.

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