And, Richard Hass, professor, fuck you… La Cagaste BOOBA Lancaster

HOW MANY BOOBs doeswould it take
If le petit STADE DE FRANCE could be filled with

Peek-A-Boo… Boycotter this BOOB with an {A} at the END.

{and} former French Président, François Hollande dit:
Ça dépend, en chiffres, je pense qu’il faudrait environ 80 000 Kanye West-es-ESE et environ 20 000 Jay-Z’s.

“Now Öüï knows how many tits it takes to fill the STADEFRANCE »

https ://thesaurus .plus /related /boob /dumb_head

Louisiana’s nuttin’ but a bunch of French separatists… look it up! Them Cajuns separated from a little man who lost a war in Russia.

Take, Mi! out to the ballgame… but not in New Orleans because that Walter Isaacson fellow closed the food court at Tulane University in order to have his little own Morning With Mika show. That’s how the IVY LEAGUE Towers roll, they just flip the chairs and have one of the Vice Lordes chain the scene.

— Eddie Gloude Jr. stars as a representation of Monty Python and The Sacre Vache!

https ://www .klkntv .com /breakingrussian-use-of-butterfly-bombs-confirmed/

French Rapper “Booba” plays the role of ‘The Black Knight’, but Évry one-legged BUTTERFLY MINE victim at The STADE de FRANCE TRIAGE UNIT called him by his real name, Richard Burton,[3] a blacksmith who lived near the film shoot (not to be confused with Richard Burton, the Welsh that inspired EL ATAQUE DE LAS CHICAS COCODRILO y RITA LA CANTAORA)

https ://www .discogs .com /fr /release /5100078- Hombres-G-La-Cagaste–Burt-Lancaster

Play Ball…

Kelly Cobychela reports.

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