Ladies in Gemini… Ruth Bader Ginsburg, formally from the Supremes, has joined el ruedo

I, Armando serrano-PRIETO, did mention to y’all that Évry body is moving to Paris, {or} “¿A Poco No?…

{AND} Eye Quotes:

And Justice for … BOOBA, knot to be confused by la ‘boba’ del Mar, prima hermana de “la loba” del Walrus.


In Paris, the Westfield Mall and the Paris Tourism Board buried The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in a motherfucking Hilo d’Arianne, and if you are in on the joke, this is the most SATANIC TRIBUTE that I have ever witnessed. Trou Story.

Any how, Éric Dupond-Moretti (Sir), that motherfucker at The Ministry of Justice, is not going to allow, Mi!, Armando Segovia, to get away like George Washington did.


Breaking News, in Paris, France, super-dOOper rapero postizo, Booma, sorry I misspelled your STAGE nomenclature, monsieur mister BOOB{A}…. donated all of his pairs of PUMAS to maimed children who are lucky enough to wear a Size 50 (EUR) 17 (US).

Available in “cachorro” siZes, aussi.

There is no “J” in Liberté-Fraternite-… {and} D.A.T. other “loudness” filter, the Equalizer.



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