Live from West 140 St. at Champs Élysées

Now that Eye got your « A4³ » support, let Mi, introduce you to my little friend, The A-10ª.

Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound; Jon Stewart is at The Plate, Cousin Joe is on FO’ist, Barnacle is on Second [the most vulnerable of all of them bases] and Joe Rogan is on Third. It’s the bottom of the first and “These are my credentials”, Ate up… as a pun, KNOT PUTIN’S tankers stuck in the mud.

³.~ 📄
ª.~ 🛩️

… [A]nd now, “The Rest of The Story”.

In case you need a fucking picture.

… [A]nd, GO’ill de Niza, our question for the They is found tucked in inside of a bustle rack in a “little green bag”, your mission if you decide to accept, IT!, Is:

What is the name of the image below, is it:

The answer of course, Julie Brown, is the Fucking Umbrella.

a.) A Sickle.
b.) An Umbrella.
See.) Spanner Wrench.

9-2350_264/10—dash Equis w/changes.

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