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Petite Ceinture de Paris

… previously on “El General” de Natalia Almada:

Originaire de Tampamolon Corona, San Luis Potosí, Gonzalo N. Santos (1896-1979) -célèbre cacique de la Huasteca Potosina- était un membre fondateur du parti officiel. Comme beaucoup d’autres hommes qui ont assisté à la fondation du Parti national révolutionnaire à Querétaro en 1929, Santos avait les “” qualités “” nécessaires que le nouveau parti exigeait : des origines révolutionnaires, un jacobinisme manifeste, mais surtout, une volonté d’utiliser “” Chicanas “” et “” marrullerías “” dans la politique nationale. (Auto-Translation provided by Grupo CARSO).

La Moral también sirve para una CHINGADA.

LOS HILOS de QUÉRETARO en horario de Hilo, Hawaii. ICI C’EST MADRID.


Originally from Tampamolon Corona, San Luis Potosí, Gonzalo N. Santos (1896-1979) -famous cacique of the Huasteca Potosina- was a founding member of the official party. Like many other men who attended the founding of the National Revolutionary Party in Querétaro in 1929, Santos had the necessary “”qualities”” that the new party demanded: revolutionary origins, manifest Jacobinism, but above all, a willingness to use “”Chicanas“” and “”marrullerías“” in national politics.

Over at la rue Vivianne (in London TOWN), SOLD!!! To the gentleman with the funny mustache.

https ://www .theguardian .com /uk-news /2022 /mar /09 /russia-oligarchs-uk-art-market-legal-loopholes

While the company announced it was donating the full net proceeds of the auction – £5.8m – to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society it continues to be challenged.”

Victoria… is a fickle cunt. Like a Gold Digger, nigga. And those tanks lined up like Ducks in-a-row, EYE is tellin’ EWE, Chuck Todd, if the freezing cold don’t snap them Russian dicks right off, that MEXICAN tree (La Moral) will.

Zelenskyy addresses the Russian military:
You can still save yourselves. Go home

https ://www .pravda .com .ua /eng /news /2022/03/9 /7329721/

But hey, both Napo and Adolf are having a nice warm LATTE at a McDo in the Twilight Zone.

A they in the 13éme

“Glen Grant, a senior defence expert at the Baltic Security Foundation, said a tank ‘is just a fridge {freezer not fridge} at night if you are not running the engine’ something the Russians simply cannot afford to do given the fuel scarcity.”

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-10592463 /Stranded-Russian-troops-face-dying-tanks-40-ton-iron-freezers-20C-cold-snap .html


MeeSur y, pronounced like MissIsIpPi, but with acento en la Sur-ah.

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