Einen Satelliten in den Raum senden

Oh, boy.

And in PARIS, FRANCE, The Paris Tourism Board discover “THE SHIFT” in thier sand clocks, SunDials are inoperable during THE ECHOS of the SHELLs.

They Nine of The Russian Invasion. 🎶 Got the Time Ticking in My Head. From the “Persistance of Time”

RADIO FRANCE / Conflit en Ukraine – Mobilisation des antennes de Radio France

And if RADIO FRANCE had any imagination, they could probably call their Echos for Peace® “SINCGARS FREQUENCY at The HOP”. Here’s what Eye is talking about, Willis:

From Friday, March 4, every evening on our airwaves at 8pm French time, it will be 9pm in Ukraine… {in Hilo, Hawaii, it will be 0800 hours in ZULU Time}.

https ://essentialcosmeticshop .com /ban-it-bipartisan-lawmakers-call-on-biden-admin-to-end-russian-oil-imports/

In local Occidental News, the West is re-interpreting FELA KUTI’s classic, “PETROL no get ENEMY”… Total. In the meantime, the Ghost of Joe Scarborough’s Dad, who worked for LOCKHEED, just “jumped on stage” and did the DEFENSE INDUSTRY, money dance… it’s ok, Cousin Joe, my post-parental unit worked for MARTIN MARIETTA… does anybody remembers, MARTIN MARIETTA?

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Dual-clutch_transmission

El dual de todos los duelos, it’s like Trucking with that Freewheelin’ Robert Allen Zimmerman… “Eye can see through your MASKS”.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Dualit%C3%A9 _(math%C3%A9matiques)

Just the facts, ma’AM!
Eye believes that it was one of your “contributors” who came up with the, “two things can be TROU at the same time“.
Dualité, i believe is the term used in MATHS, but i would knot know anything about that, because I can only count to 61.

Page Two: I did warn you YESTERDAY not to get me started on LINEAR FORMS, John.

¿En la casa de El Concejo de Seguridad de la ONU?


https ://www .wordreference .com /deen /Raum

Leopard-skin Pill-box HAT

🎶 Yes I, see you got your Brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat Well, you must tell me, baby how your Head feels under somethin’ like that Under your brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat.

⚠️ Men At Work

Frame oNe of ex*

🎶 Old lady judges watch people in PARIS

En Tlatelolco quiere decir, décor… {or} Something like, “this town needs an ENE, Emma! »… said, The Joker to Beatle Juice, in other WO’ids (you fucking THEIF) Eye is Sirius and your sorry ass is Knot.

*.~ Equals = n

At the Agro Expo, the ocean is just another hatchery.

Now, D.A.T. is entertainment {and} commitment, to hold Pinot Pino until La decena trágica… Superb, and at a Private Commo Shop, no less.

Pleased to meet you, where is The Beatles stage?

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