In Yo’Face Peje… Schumer’s Timing Shucks!!!

Montreuil-sous-Bois… Évry thing Che Guevara was not. And their Gypsy Jazz sucks.

fO’kin’ Brooklyn wannabees. Manyak is the Man!

This is not performance Art, —Stew… it’s live from New York:

Stewart’s Farewell Address… Long Time listener, and what we got Here is a CRUSADER… you gotta be white to do that. PLATOON… And in the role of Charlie Sheen.

— Old York, by the güey… stinks WO’ist than Old Ham.


ETA 99/ EST 15, thèse are my credentials. Look, IT!, up, but be careful with the cardenche, if you get lost ask any Canadian at Chapingo for directions, if you arrive to a PEMEX ⛽ you went too far, adjust <300 mts.

So, Jonni boy, looks like them Reses Rusticas came home, eh!

What’s the matter, the farm’s vets left the farm to find themselves, hey! Eye knows a guy.

Across The Atlantic, The Canadian Army Trophy is now in progress.

Öüï, last left Raphaël Mo’ran at RFI with “Los Amigos de López Obrador en France, M-1 (The Ye’loW line) at George V [OCDE 🇲🇽 Permanente].


and, Claire McCaskill, did you take 10 years off and added 20Kays to your SPECTACLES?

For the record, Katty Kay is like 850 years-old, so 20Kays is ChumpChange… In Euros.

And, Reverend Al, as the honorary Mexican that you are, have a taco. In fact, have two Foo! Adrianne Elrod is wearing Dodger Blue, and for a Titan cheerleader, that is  nip-in-the-Bud.

Gonna take a nap know, Jonni Boy, but not before warning Mika that Barnicle without BASEBALL is a bad idea on The Air.


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