Festival de educación popular : que vivan las mujeres

That is what little’Ol Eye was trying to relay to Freddy Cats at M_$_bois…(for Pablo Gleason’s record).

… i MEAN, little Ol’Eye was fresh out of CIUDAD JUÁREZ, bola de putos. But only, le Front Popular de GACHOS was popular… Bola de Fachos rojos, comunistas de cartón.

Jotos con discurso. You ruined a good endroit.

En Los Ángeles, California… you are not only GENTRIFYIERS, but aussi: wait for it, wait..

Sin Acento:

Sin acento.


Now in Re-play.

Lucy is getting raped by the airport police. But Freddy Cats could care less in Puerto Vallarta.

Again, it’s in Re-play at the PARIS TOURISM BOARD…


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