Ash Wednesday 2022 — A lure in the forest

Amarillo no me pongo…

No chicharrones for Ewe, watch-out for that Cardenche L.U.R.E..

https ://www .naturalista .mx/taxa /273618- Cylindropuntia-imbricata

Attention Camp, never mind the Sirens at High Noon, it’s only a PMCS excersise, coma frutas y verduras and carry on.

Full disclosure:

Major League Baseball cancels opening THEYS… In Your Face, PEJE³, in yo’FACE!

McDo Champs-Elysées’es WiFi is out of motherfucking mustard, even the MEAN one KIND, Mr. D’Or, so Öüï established a “diablito”, {and} Eye hopes that the Boss in front does not mind…

LA Publics Drug Store is also available, Katty Kay; in other words… you don’t have to shoot from La Défense side of the Arc…

Now the gondola in the opening frame is just The American Priest in Paris trafficking in counterfitted Mika’s Mom bonhommes.

Over at the GO’ill de Niza’s vessel, RUBINSTEIN is pissed-off because the Pershing Memorial Baseball Satellite will have it’s ITS lights off on opening They. Go, Dodgers ☄️

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