Season 21, Episode 3: Serendipity, dance to Elvis’-es G.I. Blues

Grama called… She wants her blouse back, Alex!

The year is 2026… Written ten years earlier in the Transmission. Hitler is as pedestrian as David Icke, and Godwin’s Law is a play-on-words at Compton’s Casino and Circus.

Nothing happens in a WATT? Any oNe? Nothing happens³ without a golf ball and garden hose!!! If only they had the protection of Shell32 in their Windows95 dNa.

³.~ ZUCKER_bergers

It’s in the books, “So it Go-Go’s

Moovin’ on:

The cows are coming to the BFM’ers barn show.

The answer to Denisa… Cómo quieras quiero, does D.A.T. WO’ik fo’Ewe, Hun? Mezquite! Ewe got, IT!.

— ¿Will that be ‘verde’ o, en CARBÓn‽

https //www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /allegretto-du-mercredi-16-fevrier -2022-2735419

Antonio de Cabezón — El pavido navido, o como lo bailan Denisa y Laurent en Allegretto TV:
{and} Eye quotes, “con su glosa sobre la Gallarda milanesa y sus diferencias de Aranjuez ».

Let’s ask, Juan Piedra Juego en Redes…

Yada, yada, yada. 🎬 V, is code for Brew, Alemany.

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