And, in Paris, Louis Pasteur left for Brussels and Blind Faith told Tuesday that on Wednesday Europa no se embarca en GWAR…

Uso justo de Nisa

Hilarity ensues when Hassan’s blind ambition put rap music into an algorithm at “La Galerie 3” of the Bpi GP d’où.

Hey 🎶🎶🎶 Macarena

But FO’ist!, Öüí’s little coq, « Little Willie Geist” got the scoop from the ‘little piggies’ on the other side of the 🚷 Golden Handrails🚷, and it’s KNOT nice—deNisa, IT!, is KNOT nice; « Little Willie Geist” just found out that Kahn (that motherfucker), put RAP Music on a 🔁; sample this, Mr. Kahn, maples anhk and all that Jazz.

This lamb just ate a Tiger

For the record, somebody relay to Larry Medina in El Paso, Texas, that I have to archive another misdemeanor.

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