Chévere, {qué} chévere, {qué} chévere {qué}, chévere, {qué} chévere, {qué} chévere, and Eye quotes: Au au

Pavo azul… and Cousin Joe, please don’t get your Alfonsinas de Mar mixed up con tus Alfonsines de La Plata.

Évry body is moving to París.

Across The Potomac… HBU’s are sailing in the waves, and they just don’t care, period follows another E.R.A., so sit back, relax and let’s ask PROF at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Junior if it would be O.K. to draw the color line, one mo’again on account that RUBY’s Bridges are being detonated like that time that Kramer wanted to go to the Moon* in Texas

After the break, it’s “Los amigos de FOX sitcoms vS Los Friends del Blue Paon vernáculo de Tachira, Venezuela.

Hilarity ensues when BASEBALL SEASON is suspended and the Three Tenors, “Plácido Domingo, PAVO rôti, —and that other guy,” occupy, First, Second and Third Base! Who’s on FO’ist, Ewe asked! The MAISTRO is, off-course.

Make America Great Again… A Spike Lee Joint, —in Fréjus, France.

Opera on The Rocks of Police Academy at Chávez Ravine… Gustavo Dudamel is at The Mound. Vince Scully is at the KLOVE (Kay love) booth, and Jorge Saldaña is scalping tickets for la cabina de La Nueva República punto org

Meanwhile, at The U S Embassy in Poland…

Oh, Mika… Régression is no way to exorcise Camp David.

Brought to you by COLUMBIA 1 CENT MUSIC

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