Cupid, Eye is sad to report… no es como lo pintan

Little puttos have been lying to Ewe all of these Eons.

But in all seriousness, what is the difference between a Clown and a Joker, Mr. Smith?… Eye saw your Cherub before you even thought about killing a small Rain Forest just to build La Pista. 💋 KISS.

And, Reverend Al… Eye does Knot, i repeat, Eye does Knot missed the fact that Mary J. was looking all kinds of Cherub last night in El Ey, but let Mí be the one to tell that SnEwp SnEweppy Marshall, that it Matters³, because JAY-Z and ROC Nation think that they sketched up the perfect mock-up of Compton… but they didn’t. Jay-Z and ROC Nation forgot:

— The Korean-owned liquor store
— The Casino to place all of your gamblin’ needs
— … and those funny looking black and white cars with the logo that reads: and Eye quotes, “to protect and to serve”.

Eye is tellin’ Y’all. It’s not Mi, it’s that fucker, GRABIEL!!!

³.~ The aitch turned into a Tee before the “e”.

But, yeah, Mary J. looked all kinds of Cherub, not like a fucking fairy tale.

Bet you can’t guess who is coming to dinner?
Morning Star, that’s Who.


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