Lucas {Oil} 2.Tú.22 La Candelaria

Presentation… and I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, it’s a bit barROCKcoCO and ironic but it’s nontheless TROU:

The Washington COMMIES
they used to be Redskins.
Meh! It’s all GREEK Tú Mí.

In Rockridge Knews, The Kansas City Dispatch is proud to announce that,

SOD drummer courtesy of Island Records -Megaforce Worldwide… this is no EODM crap!

In Paris, Louie Pasteur is tunning in to a new format that is obliterating ANTHRAX, over at la llamada ‘Catedral del Jazz’.
It’s a groovy sound perfomed by Artificial Artists or something like that.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Eagles_of_Death_Metal

https ://www .investigacionyciencia .es /revistas /mente-y-cerebro /inteligencia-y-creatividad-371 /artistas-artificiales-3568

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Stormtroopers_of_Death

C’mon, KYLEplay Misty for Mí {or} No Soup For Ewe!!! And you can forget about the Spaghetti fo’ RINGO.

Jesús and Gabriel (TSF JAZZ) are knot funny.
Jesús and Gabriel… those motherfuckers are BLASPHEMOUS if anything.
Hey, Jesús, fo’Christ’s sakes… no fraternizing with Los Ángeles
surtout withthatGRABIEL!!!
“el nombre que más odio en un troyano”

Over at Al Gore TV, an inconvenient truth needs more COWBELL!!!

Dear, de Niza… no pun intended if that, in fact is your real name, Eye likes the way that you brought in JimBo into the MIX!, but the Way that you roll them ERRES is better than any Soft (hit) Parade. which reminds me, do you know how many Theys ’till King Momo comes marchin’ in?

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /grille-programmes

… and then, Eddie Gloude Jr., Eye was trying to get the information for them tickets to the WaGram Hall concert and then, WHAM! The wailin’ sounds of WaRgame that put the “Sch” in spiel. It made my skin turn into Scales. And Eye Am The Lizard King.

What in the Wild Wild World of Schnitzel Grüben and Schutzstaffels is that Bahhhhhroque sound coming out of your Air Alert Sirens on a Wednesday afternoon? alArma!!

memo to Memo:

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Funnel_cake

now Ewe can eat it, , Aussie.

Ask Annie Karni, it’s a HIT in them Pennsylvanian Dutch in Deutsch Carnivals.

What are the odds that her name is EVANGELISTA?
People who know [dad jokes] know that Mick Jagger can suck a golf ball through a Torricelli trumpet, but did you know that Gabriel’s Horn can sound for miles, and miles, and miles…

It’s High-Noon in CET and it has been a few Falling Moons since the RATP—that Sgt. Pepper (Serrano, pues) Called The Band To The Oboe. The Oboe by the way is the new Brasserie bar opened by the Zappa Foundation in Prague.

Tonight is Wet “your a good dude” tee-shirt contest, Punxsutawney shortribs and Tiger Blood are all-Ewe-can eat.

The Oboe, where Catholic Girls are always glad you came, la hache es muda and always, —ALWAYSZ— in your imagination.

Ewe scared The Byrd’s!!!

And in WaWa Land, Katty Kay is sportin’ some KornRrrrolls to welcome Chuy into la Casa del Segnor.


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