Año de Hidalgo [L’Ingénu] en Molière [On The Rocks]

20 minutes in French History with Cerf-panthére; page 14 of N° 3698.

And, Cousin Joe, youse knot going to believe this but guess who got on the “cousin” bandwagon? Cerf-panthére, —that’s who… a bunch of circus animals. Literally! A bunch of Circus Animals.

Cerf-pinder, eh…
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al-Qae, who?

Un bon dimanche pour le cerf-panthére : il est allé au CIRQUE avec son COUSIN, le cerfpinder.

Cerf-panthére PAS AVANT MIDI

N° 3698

OH-say can Ewe grind your teeth? French history according to the RATP; from East to West and vice-versa,  Metro Line 1 (VINCENNES PRISON – La Défense).

… [A]nd in the USA Today®, the Brzezinski clan is once again squeezing the legacy of our Peanut farmer president, —by wishing that VAL RESNICK was more like Jimmy Carter.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0120784 /characters /nm0001344


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