Intermedio with Selene 2022 — Año de Hidalgo

Ladies in Germany, Hasselhoff Entertainment L.L.C. reminds all Schmitzengrübben that in Hilo, Hawaii, the FO’ist full lit-up rock in the darkness is in full Waning Gibbous… and She don’t care. ”Beep-beep” and Eye quotes, “oríllese à LA orilla ».

CLICK… and, Madame Hidalgo, please be advised that I am a messenger, not an Act…ivist

Live from Apple™️ HHC’s at Washington Street and Champs–OCDE in Paris, France. —!—Not a passenger, but a messenger, Miss Mara.

Meanwhile at la rue Vivienne, antes de ‘arribar’ a Le Vaudeville (brasserie) on Sunday, don Quijote asked the AFP where he might find the passage to Poquelin Street.


Rue de la banque

Just the facts, Madame, just the facts



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