And in Washington, fertilizer is up y los blanquillos estrellados

And, Sam Stein, you ugly Mexican…Step away from the Fed’s Wife, anyhow mr. Pol°It°Iko, it’s kind of cute how this fellow, made a comeback, TEQUILA!

La Faena de Reyes… 

I am Sirius and this fellow is not, he is however what the great Pétomane, the real one at El Molino de los Rojos (page 36³) not the fake one from Rock Ridge would call, “puro pedo »:

México Ra Ra Ra
SONY Music

³.~ Album Secret de Paris
(Blame, IT!, on Haussmann
knot the River)
by R. Gast y Memo Ratagua
Editions Ou-est France, or something like that
Bpi: 3 7504 10199132 9

Devil May Care, el chamuco on the other Page, might knot give a Flying Carp.

El pez tequila ya mueve su cola anaranjada por las aguas del Teuchitlán… hoy por pez, mañana por DINO… watch out for that BRONTORAC, Betty.

https ://elpais .com /mexico /2021-12-30 /el-pez-tequila-ya-mueve-su-cola-anaranjada-por-las-aguas-del-teuchitlan .html

Screenshot_2022–03-12-21… and Cousin Joe, i’d refer this Wall Street fellow to the apothecaire, you know, the one that was concocting better food for your tomatos, but that sure is an ugly tie.

European stocks soar as new year trading begins

Any how, The RATP cannot let Mí lie, a blind man ran into Eye, as Öüï was taking a snapshot of a Wabbit on the Wall. Issy, that escalator was on the FDR, Metro Line oNe, with a switch to N° 9 to the old Round about in Longchamp, today, la glorieta de México en París.

A doctor Walk(er…) into a Wall — FRANTIC, Roman Polanski captures La Faena from yesterday [directly] from the source, which brings U. S. To La Fontaine’s Milk ‘stach 〰️.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Place_de_Mexico #cite_note -JH-1

And Cousin Joe… she’ll like it too.

Over at Le Grand Palais, the demand for Milk grows, it’s the start of XIX and The French invent a new fad and according to « Mémoires lactées » called it “café au lait”.


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