Alfredo Jalife-Rahme, Alfredo Jalife-Rahme…

Que dice, Momo, que chingue usted a su madre… Eye assumes that your bow-tie³ is Mexican. De cualquier manera, profesor, en Hilo, Hawaii, son ya las 10 de la madrugada… jump to Page Tú after 2, 2, 2022 at the bottom.

³.~ Camilo Lara can’t deny, en México todos los nudos son atados por la Santa Patrona de intérpretes, traductores, falsos amigos, sin olvidar a los calcadores, —La Marina / La Malinche

Momo 2022.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/01/02 /opinion /010o1pol

Saint Ignatius de los WaPos

And, Brian Sullivan… Fake this:

URAMEX, Kentucky, —Eye wants a bucket of 🍗…

This is knot “Memories from El Monte”, this is memories from San José de Las Panochas, casi esquina con Ceballos, Durango. … trou Story

… and, Brian, ask any 19k. Peaches are bad luck, but only if youse Very Superstitious, Eye is a feminist, ask La Malinche.

Jump to page Tú, with Jalife—Ramhe in Paris, where the Ukrainian clocho à Sacramento, California just cried, FAUL!!! How do Ewe Sleep.

— And, Ewe, replied:

On a bed full of corrugated wavy sheets of pulp, of course.

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