Pastor, knot pene Delgado… Madame Mayor

Por nada, Mona Lisa. Sinembargo 🦾… El McDonald’s®️ en El neighborhood del HdV (donde habitaba don Jorge) sigue siendo McDo®️.

I did warn you about that “go daddy” server provider… ¿o a poco no?, doña Ana Lilia.

Eye thinks that, IT!, is feeling Japanese, Eye really Thinks So.

In Local news it’s “take me to the station” after L’Âme Des Camps, with Mick Jagger.

Barb, barb, barb.
Barbara [Ann]

But, FO’ist!!!… Ewe herd, IT!, here first:

Congratulations to Willie Geist on today’s version of the Absent Mika Show who went ahead and deciphered Yesterday’s “sneek peek” at The Maharishi Kavita Patel pastel-es-ese forum.

https ://indianexpress .com /article /explained /new-vaccines-oral-pill-omicron-variant-covid-third-wavenew-vaccines-oral-pill-omicron-variant-covid-third-wave-7695425/

Laberinto en el bendito barquito musical… de el Sena[do] objects are closer THAN THEY appear.

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