And, Kier Simmons… what did Willie Geist do to Eddie Gloude Jr.?

And, Claire McCaskill, you fucked Satan³, right?

https ://madame .lefigaro .fr /celebrites /jr-son-nouveau-projet-xxl-dans-une-prison-americaine-sous-une-tension-extreme- 240820- 182065

JR as SEEN from Above after he left (XICALLI/Calexico) to pursue an MSNBC career -—_!_—- « Je reste peu de temps, mais je crée une tornade », JR on Figaro’s M.

Eye mean(s), look at that Three-layered pie stand beneath your cupboard… enticing… and Claire, Mrs. Clause appreciates that memorial for Mr. Clause at your kitchen table… so sad, The World del Mundo de Le Monde still can’t come to grips for Santa’s unfortunate accidental shot-down at Yvré-le-Evêque.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/12/10 /politica /lamentan-la-desgracia-los-presidentes-de-mexico-y-guatemala/

https ://www .nytimes .com/2021/12/08 /nyregion /fox-christmas-tree-fire .html



N° 450… Beaux Arts, December 2021:
Quand l’enfer devient le divin… or,
as That Sign at the Entrance of HOTEL CALIFORNIA, says,
“HELL Freezes Over”… and Eye quotes from our correspondent at The National Cathedral in WaWa Land:

Lorde… you promised el cielo al ladrón who repented… Let Bob into your Divine Comedy… and the Colored girls sing: “Doo do doo do doo do do doo…,” o como dicen los católicos, “Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya”. It’s 13h in EST, Amen.

².~ Mystique et Architecture: SYMBOLISME DU CERCLE ET DE LA COUPOLE, by Hautecœur at 82 rue Bonaparte… 1954, or how I learned to stop worrying and learned to tolerate baby-boomers.

But speak-of-Ewe-Know-WHO…
Chapter IV (page 76)
Les Édifices Circulaires Romains²

Whatever it was that Willie Geist did to Eddie Gloude Jr., Öüï hopes that he does not, in turn, do to Secretary Clinton… the world is not ready for sarcasm out of the mouth of Hillary.

And in Washington, it fuckn’ figures… Cousin Joe’s favorite U.S. President is that guy who got shot at the Théâtre. And, Doris, here is why*:

SPONSORED BY GOYA and The Journalistic opportunism of MSNBC at THE MEXICAN BORDER during TRUMP’s WAR on MEXICANS… or a Timed Delayed PAPER and GLUE version of Le Grand Palais in VICHY’s times titled, « L’Âme des camps», or Plank 32 at Le Palais de La Découverte on FDR Ave., Paris France… ISSY, Context for The Artist JR follows.

Estampa n° 8

Estampa n° 18
Estampa n° 23
Estampa n° 26
Estampa n° 28 … POPULISM
Estampa n° 32² … ¿Por qué?
².~ Identified as n° 26 on: Atlas or the worried cheerful knowledge [ibid.]
Estampa n° 35

*.~ Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FLA) actual words, knot mine.
Exactly what a “babyback rib eating, shasta cola drinking, Redneck Riviera and Ronald Reagan voting lawyer” would say:

  1. He failed in life (previous to becoming America’s Sweet Sixteen)
  2. He failed at work (previous to becoming America’s Sweet Sixteen)
  3. He was killed, before he finished his presidential term.

Dear, Artist “JR”: This is what happens when someone that IS NOT FRENCH (like you) GOES to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY to try to give the WORLD a Fuckn’ COKE… y llenarla de amor, which is Roma en un espejo.

México, tan lejos de Nueva York y tan cerca del Grand Palais…Gilberto Bosques está dando vueltas en su tumba. Uso Justo de la “llamada” Madre Patria (which sounds like a politacal hermaphrodite if you mix Mom and Dad in one body)… Los Desatres de la Guerra is a set of 80 aquatint prints created by Francisco Goya in the 1810s.
Plate 28Populacho.

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