Cucarachas enojadas productions presents : las calaveras literarias ed. 2021

El ÁngelUS, ese… right about now, it’s about 40 minutes for the start of Schitt’s Creek à fip dot fr… BUT FO’ist! It’s TIME FOR style magazine with , Mike-Memo¹ “the 40 Year-old Virgin ” Lee.

¹._ Michael Guillermo
In the voice of Mike-Memo Lee, oremos wey:

La forma, Mr. Biden, LA forma y por eso what a fuck is up with the Blue suit and Black shoes, ese? What are you, from the Jersey Shore, or Something?

FiFO, OCTUBRE 2015; Rue de Chevaleret, altura con la estación Bibliothèque F. Mitterand, para que en su carro lleno, pues, se vayan a Chingar a su Maverick.

And, Katty Kay, don’t be fooled by Donnie Deutsch, looky here {behold} The Anwer to “asymmetrical populism” is Ping-ponging with the subtext, and here is how: send “[t]en dollars to the church of the Sacred Bleeding Heart Of Jesus, [L]ocated somewhere in Los Angeles, California »,  segÜn Saint-Mick.

FAR AWAY EYES is sponsored by ANTI Rust and “Katty, Say Anything!” coming this Christmas to théâtres Evry where in New Jersey.

Hey, Pascal Proud, Pompidou just told me to tell you to go fuck yourself, what’s next, Holocauste denial? _-!-_ Le POINT² « en Contexto », for Mr. PROUD {page 2, N°2622 VENDREDI 29 OCTOBRE 2021; CNEWS dot FR}:  À Londres, le grand retour du « French bashing »

².\ “Si la luz del Sol entra por tu ventana no te pongas en la sombra, [Hombre]” dice LA FEMME en su canción American Sports en LE JARDIN, or something like that.
https ://www .lepoint .fr /monde /a-londres-le-grand-retour-du-french-bashing-29-10-2021-2449807_24 .php

It’s been 5 Years, Katty Kay, FIVE YEARS*!!! Since Madison Ave. sold EWE el desfile de los muertos en SPECTRE³. Regardless, you can check this with Eugene, that motherfucker’s been to Argentina, Eugene has danced a milonga or two, he knows how Bergoglio rolls.

O como dice Laura en El Pérou :  ¡ Que pase el desgraciado !

And, Eugene R., it is not my intention to embarass my basic maths teachers, but from 2015 to 2021 there are usually 6 years in between, SIN EMBARGO, Fiona Hill will tell you, 2020 did not count (Punto y Coma… pan de muerto at Joe’s Cafe) Donald Trump, fucked that up.

J’accuse on See-PLUS vS. The Da VINCI CODE on FRANCE 3
Reporting from The Vatican, “The 40 year-old virgin”

And if you think that Télévísión Française set that programming array on N° 2622² {Joe, Friday i’m in LOVE with K} by coincidence then you clearly did not watch the Rachel Maddow Space… What are the ODDs that Dujardin (that motherfucker) was going to spy on profesor Donlang?

² Page XIV, Éric Zemmour matinée

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