“Well i was drunk the They my Mum got out of prison…

And, Glimmer Twins, you fuckers know WHO you are even if youve never Even called Mí by my name, even though you cocksuckers are on my fightin’ side (punto y coma) just ask that French fellow, Paul Nobody, or personne like that.

In any case, font or fuente, DO EWE think {s} that (by) removing BROWN SUGAR from the song list you are going to erase the draft that CNEWS and TUCKER CARLSON are tracing on your route {66} ?

Extra—Extra!!! Intermedio with Lindsey plus one

Knot a fucking chance Mick! Ask Cerf-panthère, “Eye don’t even have a garage! You can call my wife* »… and she’ll tell you that “Eye will hang around as long as Ewe will let Mí… have His final Judgement They.


Sponsored by Brad Pitt… that motherfucker!… but wait, there’s MOORE: Michelle Grossman and the most wonderful house plant, but FO’ist, this post needs a fucking Ale and Eye knows the perfect little Epicerie from where to snatch it form, if Eye loses he’ll also lose IT’s! hand.

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