Moving on… Öüï went a knocking at Door 59 looking for anti-photosphères

Previously on stare at … to see old lady, Eye took the time to go Searching for Sugarman and found that Robert the Z had already ce{men}ted, — literally that effort.

Loaded DICE: ¡Qiu-Bee Wey!!!

Now if you’ve already been to SPAIN then you have probably HO’id about “EL ATAQUE DE LAS CHICAS COCODRILO”, Eye can assure EWE’all that it’s Knot One of Dos {equis}, this here is Le Shack à Chuck{INN}.

FiFo of Courtney Qiu-Bee Wey {goes here}
Cutline of said FiFo will reference the “little fucking ³ on the Political campaigns mentioned below.

In the next EPISODE of CARMELA SOPRANO purchases AU PIED DU COCHON: Carmela goes after the PIZZA joints around the BEAUBOüRG. Eye am SIRIUS and The ARTIST AND SCIENTIST IN RESIDENCE @59RIVOLI AND @ISC-PIF is Knot.

Long story short, page 16 of N°2621 of CNEWS Matinée features Tim Apple (that motherfucker) and, most of all! MOST of ALL!!! Yet another pixel that nails another 3M™ stickie note on a paragraph that ROSECRANS BALDWIN wrote regarding PARIS, and MARKETING, and Political campaigns³. Look it up.

{3M© stick{ie}ÿ note for our non-readers in Australia 🇦🇺:

Re Sees Peanuts and Truffles… nothing follows.

https ://thenewdaily .com .au /finance /2021/10/05 /us-australia-post-suspended/

Please accept this bucket of CANDY in lieu of the U.S. MAIL that was supposed to be arriving to your beautiful neck of the charred woods.

Nothing follows




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