The Apothecaire and The Tramp

Breaking the FIP’s:

https ://www .ouest-france .fr /economie /greve /direct-greve-du-5-octobre-environ-200-manifestations-prevues-perturbations-dans-les-transports– b4db0a3e-25aa-11ec-af2f-332dac360860

En contexto for the pharmacienne at The Place where Evry Body knows your name.

” Right now oysters are being robbed of their sole possession”

Rather quickly, ‘cus i haven’t got the RUPEES to top of my LYCA card¹, a BENEVOLE asked me, after i asked her first, what it was/is that she does for work when she is KNOT saving the world (in France)? Her answer reminded me of that Doctor that EYE told y’all about… many, many Ale’s ago.

Really, a pharmacist (pill pusher, eh!)
— Well, a pharmacist is more that a person behind the counter, pushing pills…
You don’t say.
Fo’Sho she said, or something like that in Cool French. And then she told me about how she is developing a better fertilizer for CARROTS, or some other Fruit of the rue des Lombards.

And Rev. AL, that’s no JIVE.

 “Right now a tired man with a wounded heart is sitting in a coach seat on an eastbound transatlantic flight looking out the window wondering how to say “dog” “howl” and “moon” in French just in case it comes up”… FOR Unlawful CARNAL KNOWLEDGE (1991) Van Halen.

https ://www .ilxor .com /ILX /ThreadSelectedControllerServlet ? boardid =41&threadid =103749

Not to be outdone by the INTERPROFESSIONAL manifestation of La Rentrée of October the 5th at Place de La République, The fip sirens (those whailing motherfuckers) went on STRIKE (One). Sources close to the MONK PHISH³ relay that Denis Soula (that son-of-a-bitch!!!) turned into Dockthor Frankenstein and that fucker is EXPERIMENTING with the programming or the patrimoine, of some at that cabin.

RAPE… Rappers Against Phonie entertainers*
Rape… A Type of French cheese, processed in China!
Rape³… A sort of fish (po’mans lobster in WaWa Land)
Rape… When sex is used as a weapon in EXCHANGE for a service, in particular, when said exchange results in actions done intentionally to punish other people because they have done something unpleasant to someone with A LOT of POWER and MONEY.

* 3rd Bass
Derelicts of dialect (1991)

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