About that Wrong TO’in in AlbuhQ’oiKi

And, Pundita… you will not believe the Incredible View that Öüï’s been affoi’dead (punto y coma) The Mocks ( George & Georgette) will concur with the very funny Dreyfus-es-esos… Grazia is the ONE responsible fo’D.A.T. Wrong TO’in in Las Cruces.

Belmondo himself could KNOT prop-this-UP!

Anyhow, GO’il, it’s time to bring you back to the MORRISON Walk of Fame… 🎶We hope you really enjoyed The Show.

Over some fkn river… forgot the name, Betty Roche is reminding, September, que el Che!—no es como lo pintan. In any case, box and/or scenario, if you speak Castilian, or it’s one or more of its 32 flavors 🧭 west of Portugal🇵🇹, then you know that en Español 🇪🇸 ( and tambien Tagalog🇵🇭, Aussie🇦🇺) Septiembre es la antesala al mes de la RaZa. Bola de putos.

Any how NOHEMI GONZÁLEZ (Long Beach, CA / Paris), como diría Jorge Saldaña:

A M E R I C A N  🇺🇸  F O L K
Nohemi González  🇲🇽  (1992 – 2015)
—_!_—  Anyhow, Ms. G., you and the other Ms. G., THE ONLY American of the attacks that placed you here also happens to be a FKN Mexican… y como diría ISABEL Vargas 🇨🇷, SALMA HAYEK 🇫🇷, los y las mexicanas entramos (nacemos) y nos vamos por donde nos da la chingada gana.
In any case, both of youse have Bebel to guide you back, Show that Frog the way to the other side.

Avec le style lamentable de l’actualité.

In Local news, truth and consequences with the new Mexicans on American Voices, or something like that.

Les universités d’été du RN

Not to be outdone by the Taliban, the very French allowed their Wïïmen to go to Community College. In the South of France, next to Mika Brzezinski’s vacation chalet, Marine Le Pen took aim at France’s ‘Talibanised’ zones and, get this, « narco-housing estates »… Freddy Cats action figurines go here, Mr. Bardella.

https ://amp .ft .com /content/2ba16c7d-dcb0-497e-8c4d-9e03d44a38c0

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