Annotated bibliography… knot to be confused with Courtney Kube’s biography

Previously on, “El primer torero porno“… El Yunque was re-introducing Francisco Franco to Monterrey, Nuevo León… when all of a sudden “The Conversations” across on VOX just got a new CopyRight en el Estado de Cuernavaca.

J.A.Cedillo | Los nazis en México
This entry is a NAZI WATCH update: La “Carta de Madrid” 2021.

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/09/03 /el-plan-de-dios/

THE ALAMO is the Cradle of TEXAS and the hideout of slave traders… 1975, page 438: Les Rolling Stones LA Totale

Over at the Pentagon’s watch, The baby Kube’s childcare costs became out of the Peacock’s military affairs correspondent Pilar Albarracín’s budget.

And, Alex Witt, this is a “Memo for (knot from) Turner »… it’s the rest of the story, where Courtney Kube almost joins a Tupperware®️cult to make ends meet.

Pilar, nombre de pilano pun intended, is Courtney Kube’s real name, but you would be forgiven if you fell for the name change*, after all, it had already been written, staged, shot and wrapped by the time little Ms. Cube was ready for kindergarten, except that instead of a horse’s head, uno de Domecq graced them crisp white sheets of, –el lecho de Kube.

* Anyhow, long story shot… Courtney’s dad trademark greeting was « quiúbole ». The immigration and customs enforcement goon who processed Courtney’s dad immigration papers heard “Quioúbole, señor” immediately after the semi-literate border protection officer asked the former Mr. Albarracín what his name was? And so, just like don Vito’s –Andolini– becameCORLEONE’, Dr. Albarracíns (DVM) « Quiúbole » became Q’vo but the DMV (California) returned a search that mentioned that particular license plate as alreadytaken”, so the “migra” at the window settled for Kube… the fucker was semi-literate so of course that son of a bitch was going to fuck the Immigration Entry papers for the Albarracines-esos.

🎶 Yo te quiero [más ki mis ojos] infinito, and Eye quotes:
Yo te quiero—oh mi corazón.

For those Knot on/in the know:
DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles
DVM = Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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