In Hilo, Hawaii, it is half-before Primetime’s Eve

Do you know the Warm progress under the stars?

An American Prayer

🎶All Öüï needs is Music, and a PETTY gaz-joint, Job, go on, go tell Enoch, don’t be LATE!… [T]his Enoch is not to be confused with Cain’s son, who as the Apocryphal Books recount, is the direct hot-link with onions to los del Toro, in Puerto Rico, P.R. (punto y coma) hence the reason why Fenster The Copy Editor was asking if that Chorizo requested by Cerf-panthère [below] was with or without the FOREskin. Any how, the Enoch Eye is speaking of is a Rastafarian (de los buenos) en Ethiopia. The Orthodoxy in Sarajevo celebrates his Stairway to Heaven at the end of the month, here’s your cake, DJ. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mathuselah, es tu padre.

This way to Montreuil-sous-Groots’ favorite son, Thomas Alva Edison, off-course!

Just follow The Chicken to Vincennes, Paco. La franja es La rue de La Solidarite, o algo así, if you should get lost, and you will, ask Papa Poule on rue Carnot (punto y coma) and if you made it to Croix de cabellos de caballo, then you know that you went TOO Far, turn around at the Cantón anarquista.


Let It, roll—

Ewe literally can’t Right this shit up!

It is now a Quarter to a Knew They in Hilo, Hawaii, and Öüï just returned Jim back into his cell, because it’s INDEPENDENCE THEY, you know… And Jim, this is the one place on doG’s Green Earth where Eye doesn’t chew bubble gum. For the record, dentils follow; when that takes place, a line will strike this sentence.

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