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Just like New Heaven, Connect-i-cut

Even better than the Real Thing

The Real Thing, Ewe2

_ and the occasional Shroom.

INDIAN SUMMER is in Effect.

… do knot try to adjust the refrigerator’s settings.

María Sabina is in Control… bola de putos.

Rock en Vivo, Track 6 (punto y coma) Hurbanistorias… una imagen en el aire de un pintor apresurado 🎶 El sacerdote rupestre estuvo presente justo cuando Jim and The Doors (tribute band) arrived to the barricaded area to pay their respects, and lemme’Tell y’all—Jim Never looked better.

… I’m telling Ewe, Cruella de Ville—D.A.T. Boy

If you are just joining U.S. you have gotten here in the perfect Passé Composé, or as Anthony Bourdain called the Reservation:

It was 50 Years Ago to THEY that Marianne, “always” Faithful, kept her lips shut and her tongue pressed to the palette.

And to celebrate la antesala del Unknown Soldier (1776) Led Zeppelin decided that it was time to remove The Dixie Flag from all U.S. Federal Building urinals.

And Ali Vitali, please relay the Rally in Sarasota that the removal includes them little piss freshness with Confederate paraphernalia and/or regalia.

And Marianne, it’s a damn crying shame that in order to smoke a joint or drop some acid next to Jim, you have to break the Law, not Once, no ma’am, but Twice.

Pour bien apprécier le goût des champignons tu dois presser la nourriture contre le palais.

… Lucky for U.S., across from this handsome fellow [below] just about a block from Jim, there is a BAIL family available in case you make it to “the house of detention”, but really Marianne, why is Jim’s grave barricaded like a petty gas pipe renovation joint-job?

In•deed, Fiona, “the Devil wants to know”, what a fuck is up with the barricade, Frogs? Eye am Shreck and my compadre Groot approves this message.

Aussi, if you should want to contraband yourself after the tourists have gone back to wherever tourists had planned to go and squeeze Paris into their agenda, remember the following, a night infraction from the vigils is about half the price of a two-bit no-star hotel in Paname.

“I want you to know, that this will go down in your personal personnel’s record”, said the Violent Femmes next to the King’s Guard keeping an eternal Eye on Jim. Note to tourists, the King’s guard is in front of Jim’s plot, this handsome fellow [above] is behind Jim’s grave, and right about ground level to Mr. Mojorisn… don’t belive Mí? Get the sonar.

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