“You go to HELL with the CHAMUCO you have, not the Devil that you might wish to have »

Deer, Kasie Hunt, Eye has located a “Weekend”, however, Öüï is KNOT sure if it is the Weekend you wish to find… Aussi, the Last Coca Cola of political cartoonist in the Mexico sphere died, and guess what, Helguera (Antonio, one-each) is going to walk Donald Rumsfeld all the way down to Dick Cheney’s chamber en El Infierno, Helguera will then go wherever he wishes to spend the rest of Eternity… it will probably be with Rius.

I told you to bring out The Red.

And in Texas, private funding has turned the motherfucking National Guard into a mercenary outlet for special interests. The move is a “technical” spin on Senator Mitt Romney’s fund raising gaffe about corporations being people.

But speaking of people, now that there is going to be a Congressional enquiry into the January 6 French style manifestation into The Capitol Building, can you please factor what role, if any,  Contractors for the DOD (Raytheon, General Dynamics, et.al.) played in that Foreward-Attack.

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