Attention all Units, Kasie Hunt’s weekend went missing

Le Tour de France is rounding up the usual Suspects, in Lille, Florence Cassez says she’s never even met The Weekend, and over at Israel’s cell, the forgotten “Clyde” of French docu-dramas dice, “que la esculquen, nobody throws a fucking french fry on the streets without Florence having a finger in that Grec style kebab.


… a preliminary check-up reveals that along with Kasie’s weekend disappearance, Roberto Costa, of El WaPo and PaBSt fame was also AWOL, AP LeMire (that fucker) was heard screaming, and Eye quotes, “does anybody remembers, BOB Costa?”


Over at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field Senator McCain finally settled down and things kind of quiet down after Denis Soula (that Cock soccer) sent the Ball out of the Park with a California “serafín” jersey on, out in the stands the empty seats wondered how Denis got into the batting line-up (long story short) ‘member that fip tattoo on the little blue-bird man? Well, it turns out that Denis Soula lost a bet and he had to play the kettle part as The Tweeter guru, “Tweety McTweety” tea bagged his nut sac on Mr. Soula’s MUG!!!

If you missed Denis Soula’s homer you can get multiple repleys if you tune in to yesterdays match between the despicable Red Soxs and the evil empire of Them Yankees en Nueva Yol’.

Anyhow, it’s the top of the second Empire and Louise Michel just got ejected from La Commune.  

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/06/09 /previously-on-the-frogs-at-the-poquelin-lounge-bar-and-grill/

“Just the facts, ma’am »


In a plot twist, it turns out that yes, Ewe guess it. Bob Costa moved to France, and with that in mind Öüï now returns to The Little Sewing Shop in Paris, where / |  |  | \ is “Weaving » los hilos on that storefront on what used to be a mill on the block.

Upon careful consideration, Catherine Deneuve realized that Ripley was correct, it would be a Sin if you are a believer, a Crime if youse into the Prometheus arc, in any case, a sign on that shop would be like installing a “Castle” enseigne (señor) in front of Versailles.

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