Previously on the Frogs at the Poquelin Lounge bar and grill…

Still to come on The Rack… Fuck Marseille, and America (Aussi).

And Stephanie Ruhle, Eye See your Broadway Funky Chicken, and Eye raises you: PSYCHO CHICKEN from La Île-de-France.

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The roots are in the Dentils, Issy, Sr. Diablo follows… just look into the mirror, go ahead, The Reflex will tell you that you are the fairest of #Em All, except for Suicide Blonde because she’s got the Devil Inside like an INTEL Pentium does.

Arrested Development

Game already in-progress, Denis Soula, (of fip . fr and “does anybody doubt that Rugby exists fame) was Crying for La Argentina at the plate, ready to Tango, Sin Embargo, —and Eye is knot making this shit up…

².)_ You Can’t Have ANY Pudding, if you don’t touch the padding!!! — This section of the Stanza is being brought to Ewe’all by Schitty Lighting and Plagues-R-US located on the East entrance at floor level of the mall. Yada, yada, yada, French national Pirate (Öüï told about, IT!) Thomas Pesquet was at the plate, Louise Michel sent the pitch, Pesquet hit the ball and that sucker relocated the orbit of the Moon—OF THE MOON, Congressman Willie Gomer (R-TX), Of-the–Moon.

_ just ask Laurent Jullier, he’s like the last Coca Cola at the concession stand when it comes to a thing that Rotten Tomatoes and Funky Patates call “Sequence Analysis”… [The LOWELL Effect and the discovery of a network of “cernes” on Mars mom’s topography goes² here¹], after the break, Dante’s Comedy Tour presents another edition of “I am an anti-Christ and a book lover, aussi!

¹.)_ “La mythologie des Martiens vient de là… las !, page 8 of L’analyse de Séquences, 5th éd. re..

¹.)_Well, Eye be damned, Mí thinks that Denis Soula is feeling? Denis Soula is feeling what? Anyone?… “Garçon!” _–*•!•*–_ A-Gain, and one–mo’tra vez, why Denis Soula is on the batting order is a mystery to Evry one of the last motherfuckers on the empty seats of the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, but knot to former presidential candidate John McCaine.


an event of biblical proportions worthy of REVELATION 9: 310 was Surgically Implanted on the jet of The President of The United States of America, except that instead of Locusts-es-es—ese, The French Director (Ed Harris) went with Cicadas, —D.A.T. motherfucker!.

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  1. Attention all Units, Kasie Hunt’s weekend went missing – Armando Segovia

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