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Érase pues, que se era:

Dear, Luc Frelon—Fuck You! and Your Fkn’ Happy Theys-n-D.A.T

BlaXploitaiting your way through the waves is Know Way to get through another set… [A]nd now youse into WaWa Boarding, Eh! Well, you’re in Luck, Luq—grab a seat on flight 213 to The Moon, to the moon—Eye tells ya’

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“Defense d’Entrer »
o como dice Philippe Labro:
The big fucking elephant in the kitchen.

Cantaloupe Island es un melón chino en Mí’s Oasis., allá JUSTO a un lado de San José de Las Panochas, DURANGO, municipio del Real de MINAS de SANTIAGO de map•i•Mí… [A]sk Jodorowski, that old SonOvaVitch knows EXACTLY HOW A DUNE can slip right from the palm of his hand —go ahead, ask him Brontis, tú más que nadie sabes muy bien quién es tu Padre! Cabrón. 🛰 Now, in all seriousness, the irony here is That el canto cardenche and other oral stories were not allowed to flourish when another Brontis (knot his real name, Bruno) and Stephanie Menou’s (The Reel Deal)  superiors entertained The Mexican Ambassador To The Unesco’s request to get our Saturday Knight Tribute to Marianne out of the waves. From a distance, it’s funny because that is what INSECURE democracies (ruled by a despot) like Donald John Trump, do! THAT’s What They Do, niño Luc. That’s 🎺 WATT the do.

In Tok•yo, Olympiades organizers are accommodating athletes from all over the ELO world, the question is? With all of the COVID restrictions will the condom industry lose earnings with all of that FUCKING that is not going to go On?

Connect•i•cut… got Weed? O, puro Poudre?

FRANK ZAPPA takes on the role of “El Agachado Mayor” the one-and-Only: Calzonzin Inspector (punto y coma) Vilma Fuentes reports from La Arena de Lutecia, AÑO Cero

In/on this issue,

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/06/13 /dear-frank-zappa-eyes-beg-to-differ/

María Sabina meets Les nouveaux inntsomi (punto y tangente) en la Estación  “Profeta del nopal” formally known as “el metro Balderas” de Jorge Negrete¹.

What, goes, on!
Rolling Stones of the rap game, not bragging
Lips bigger than Jagger, not saggin’
Spell it backwards, I’mma leave it at that
That ain’t got nothing to do with rap²


Public Enemy
Harder than you think

And in Washington, It has now become évidement so, that Julien Bayou, the former greenest of Em# all in the quest for the Regional honcho post for all of the Île-de-France called it quits and moved to a liquor store next to the Belmont track in Elmont, Manhattan. En revancha, Steve Kornacki is now a PMU junkie.

You are KNOT, to believe who joined forces with Julien à La Île-de-France, Eye is not sure if she’s Episcopalian or Dominican, but they both look swell in Green.

But WAIT!!! Valerie Pécresse was spotted in Queens wearing a ridiculous wig on the msnbc’s (breathe)… on the opposite side of the Ballot Box, Adrianne Elrod takes the lead at the Race Track in Vincennes, Longchamps and off-course, at Auteuil.

Ladies and gentlemen of Flight 213 with destination to the moon, please relax as Öüï reach crusing Altitude, in a few minutes you will be able to witness La Hora Nacional de Thomàs Pesquet-PasKino, in the Mean Time don’t forget to thrust the back of your lengua to the gills of your paladar lest you want to “depressurize” that Ear-Nose-Throat canal of yours.

Our feature in-flight presentation of a film, which has JET! to be rated FEATURES, The Reverend Kasie Hunt.

¹.) The moniker that preceded Jorge Negrete in every presentation was that of “el charro cantor”, with that in Mind, Pintor de Puy:

Te acordaste, en toda tu Heroica historia, ¿de pintar un Ángel negro? así como Mr. Zappa pinta a “las Catholic Girls” from La Brasserie à Montorgeuil? Or, did you only trace the ones who are Solidaire®️ with Cité?.

Man of goD… El Diablo no es como lo pinta.

Pancha, la hechicera y compañera del “Sacerdote Rupestre” wants to know, that’s all.

By the way, Luc, this segment is sponsored by CE MEX.

².) The hardest part about developing this particular inntsomi, Mr Bacon, is that i don’t need Six Degrees to connect the “P.I.G.S.” in the NAVE, I can smell’em in one simple leap on the Rayuela de JULIO Cortazar. Ask AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, Medicines du Monde, and of course, ask “El Patrón” à la rue des Bourdonnais (sucursal Porte de Saint Ouen), but never ask Hôtel Dieu, because they too, are in on the inntsomi.

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