“A todos los que quieren y aman al futból” — El Sur también existe

Note to the LatinEx Crew, No. No Öüï’s knot gonna accommodate .es or esses, o mismo a aquellas, I quote Ángel as he was, knot as Ewe wished he was. And please don’t Fuck with the DiaCritic Accent en el fut, —Luc!

*CORRECTION… Michael Eric Dyson (Ph.D.) is the sexiest thing on Deadline. The Good General ain’t got time for snowFLakes. And, Ari Melver—Fuk Ewe Tú… in the voice of Jason Johnson.

Minuto 13

🇫🇷 0 a 0 🇵🇹

And here is where Öüï stops, France is playing as if them fuckers already qualified!

Min 15

Merci Nº 10, almost Goal, but knot famous, SILENZIO,  🎬

Min 28… follows

🎙 and Eye quotes:

So it’s time to leave you a preview
So you too can review what we do
20 years in this business,
“How You Sell Soul?”
yada, yada, yada, ibid
So don’t mind me if I repeat myself
yada, yada, yada, told ya’ll
Five thousand leaders never scared
“Bring the Noise, ”
it’s ‘the moment they feared
Get up! Still a beautiful idea

By my law, ESPN OWES ME.

Anyhow, speaking about what goes around comes around. Fucking Penalty when Loss of Signal made a CAMEO.

HALF TIME TIE ONE TO ONE. would you like me to draw you a picture of D.A.T., Sir?


Öüï joins the transmission just when Ronaldo (Portugueses Maradonis) scores the 2nd penalty against France’s-es previos one; time uk own time fr = 20h29

Not to rub it on The Netherlands, pero aquí en éste  partido hay muchos penales… García Luna.

Time remains unSynched, 66′ or 67′ —pero qué bonita jugada!!! Para Los Franchutes.

And, Öüï is back, watch out ESPN, 22h35 CET

— Now i hate to manipulate the Action, but you two are back to Diva mode.

And this why The Filthy Dutch have a chance, and as Öüï speaks, (a young) Kasie Hunt is being hunted to lead that Ad campaign. Team Parkesuuu! Is Knot, we repeat—knot happy!!!

TU-tu/tu-tuTUTUTU 🇭🇺 2—2 🇩🇪

The Fkn’ Ef Line:

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