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It’s Oh-kee-Dho, Qui*?

With Subtitles: The Singer 🎙64F5D44C-A09F-402B-AAF7-4EF1427D0CB1 🛰 🎵 Every time that he saw a weed he said, “Kill, IT!, before IT! grows ».

Advertorial [Les Inrockuptibles… your cover of Nevermind said “Venez comme vous êtes », and tonight’s feature of The Twilight Zone brings us the Sold-Out extravaganza of “El Cantante”… Hilarity ensues when Kanye Ou Est walks onto the Ari Melver Show with FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE and busts out quoting, “My Singers in Paris”*

June 22, 2021_ Paris, FR. From the wires

https ://www .vanityfair .com /news /2021 /06 /donald-trump-coronavirus-guantanamo-bay

One ticket to Guantanamo Bay, —Pigs… S.V.P. with Four Years in of your beautiful streets on my BACK. — Sometimes Eye feels like a Motherless Update.
—_*!*_— All together now, 🎹🎹🎹🎼 PARANOID, as arranged for Guitar-playing Zappa’s on “the MTV”… Ah One- Ah Two-🌳—FO’ :
Finished with my woman ’cause
She couldn’t help me with my mind
People think I’m insane because
I am frowning all the time

Eye Gknew, IT!… SR. Roberto Fonseca, Öüï knows YESU is a Fan on account D.A.T., NOUS (them motherfuckers) heard that you too are a “Remember The Alamo” on a torrential ‘sunny’ They like the one that Paris is having right now (punto y coma) the Locals call, IT! the “Noah’s Arc” app•roach 🥁 Silvio lo llama, “un aguacero en venganza”.

p. 93

Next to Knew Years Eve, The Knight Before [Today] is perhaps, maybe, quiSAS❗️The morning after when the very French cannot, Eye repeats, cannot blame the lovely piss smell next to the bugambilia or that there shrub on under Senator Mazie Hirono‘s (D-Hi) on the hobos de Paris, Texas (punto y coma) Senator Hinoro, EWE might recall, was caught dancing on top of a Bush (punto y repita) what you might have missed is the factoid from a distance that showed Mazie in the middle of a dance with a drunk baby version of Arizona Senator John “The Maverick” McCaine, ISSY, “McCaine” with an ¿eh!, on account that it is just a hand, and Eye quotes, “in the BUSCH ».

* And, Katty Kay, IT IS AN APPROXIMATION of The Maverick, but where did you ever get that beautiful smile! You can’t possibly be a true Blonde… wait, What? ¥ou can’t possibly be a true Brit, eh! Eye bets youse Japanese, what with them almond-shaped jeepers on your mug.

The empty stands at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes are passed-out next to the lovely Château D.A.R.E.

A University used to stand there, it was structured and constructed by the SPIRIT of 1968, but Charles de Batz “D’Artagnan” CastleMoRe and Colbert ⚜️ deconstructed that Project and literally, sent IT!, next to the projects near the RATP Sector of the Saint-Denis Cathedral. Trou Story… this is why all of the Empty Stands of the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field are still crashed next to The Castle that was once a personal GUANTANAMO cell for the Minister of Finances of the King living à Versailles.

The sad part of that Trou Story is that by 2011, when former candidate and then, French President of La Quinta Via was pirating Jay-Z’ and that other Singer, “My Singers in Paris” , the Zapatista’s over at Paris XIII had just gotten the Earl Schibe’s 19.95 paint job, and then they added a neo’n Sign.

Still to Come: These Queers fight back. Just ask Ice T. “800–SEVEN_five oh… the humanity.

Pour la Pride, le bar gay de Stonewall boycotte la bière Budweiser et Stella Artois

Meanwhile, over the waves at La Seine [that floosy], La Chapelle got wind of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D-NYC) counterfeit Chappelle rendering at Madison’s very 📐 Garden.

Yoko, come Quick! It’s another Edition of:


Reve 17: ONE through 18ème. — Shallow WaWa?

Dead As Disco

Eye is a Creep…

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