Holy fuck! Donna Edwards is (a* Republican strategist in France

WordPress, if you are listening, be advised that i, armando segovia, did not request a color change so, Eye is going to assume that Foreign Gremlins are being facetious with our writ-ah-magi-git, period

“Do not try to adjust your settings… the Halie Jackson musical score on the Stephanie Ruhle Show is “macho” in English and “patriotic” in Cyrilic. Kind of makes every action movie score sound like a Super Mario Bros. musical background. In Mí’s humble opinion The Foo Fighters, PAUL MCCARTNEY ‘RAM‘ commercials would be a Superior choice. Bananas and Coke by Fort Cartoon’s WEEN remains a worthy follow-up act.

Not to be outdone by Babylon Two, Babylon One is, AS OF TOMORROW, doing away with mask requirements while outdoors (with the exception of crowded places... whatever that means), as a bonus to counter Mayor Bill De Blasio's firework extravaganza France is abolishing the 11 pm curfew, as of Sunday the 19th, right before Monday the 20th.

At the 90′ mark of the meeting/knot summit in Geneva, Kier Simmons relays that the noise that it  is blaring from the Swiss Army House is in fact track two on the 12 Golden (corrals) Country Greats, “Like a Japanese Cowboy”, and judging from The Biden Predictability clause, what should follow is Track 3: Piss up a rope… it appears that the opening Track of the Swiss Army Frat House at Geneve the was, and Eye quotes, “I’m holding you” but neither side of the NUCLEAR ARSENAL turned up the volume while offering the opening shot of what appears to be a library or a study room.

But FO’ist, it’s Last Week to THEY!

Nº 2595, pg. 2, “C’est arrive »:
Elementary school (1881* begins the school cycle without charging a cent per periods. Recess, however, remained murky ground with the bullies on the playground, however , that got fixed in 1882 when the 3rd Republic (no relation to the Republicans) made elementary education mandatory.

Across The Atlantic, the Black Experience is about to get the “Remember The Alamo” glorified criminals theory that Mexicans have been served since The Santa Anna (winds) Theys.

And, Cerfie-p, Dhawg_ling, you can call me Lisa, —Mona! So long as you pay the TAB, and Eye is going to take your iBrow-less reference as a compliment. Nº 3637, 16 June 2021 (EURO 2020), page 13 (Pause*

PSA for El Patron’s House at Paris CENTRE.
I shit you not, a conflict of interest prevents me,
Armando Segovia, from covering tonight’s match between La 📐azure and Ah’Nolds motherland; Italy is winning and that’s all that Eye is going to say.

400 kilometers above Geneve, the French national hour is changing a solar panel; it buys an 🎵eight by 12 four-bit room…

In Paris, Texas, “Edwards” sounded way to English, so the Canucks suggested that the former Congresswoman from a state in Disneyland®️, called Maryland, to go ‘with’ what’s safe, and so fip . fr consultants were summoned for the Cover lift with an Anthology in the mix.

And, Willie Geist, you know she’s alright because she’s a Fern (punto y coma) and Öüï knows this because (Fern* is the implant on the gerund; just like (Arm* is for Mí, period…

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Donna_Edwards# /languages

By the way, Republican honcho, Michael Steele, please be advised that this is an intermission.

Text taken from the first TEXAS Slave-trading revisionist curricula at public schools from Odessa to New Boston in the Great State of Texas.

And Congresswoman, i know that you would not be caught dead reading this post (even with binoculars attached to a 10-meter Pole🇵🇱* but if the Kurwa Kripple Fuck who sits at the Governor’s desk gets away with his revisionist bullshit, then the ocean trip of your ancestors might get “an edit” and then turned into a Carnival Cruise®️ holiday on The 4th of July.

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