And Alicia… please remind Kasie that The Queen has 5 impossible things before breakfast

And in Missouri, a disgruntled former former U.S. senator for the Donkeys over in Saint Louis, Missouri, Claire McCaskill, just cut her carrot cake with a “Swiss Army Knife… », the only surprise there was a little mouse that got caught nibbling on Claire’s trademark treat for her viewers at The Ozarks.

Deer, Cerf-panthère, would you like Lucien to close the quotation MARK on the ⬆️ above (COTEJADO* ?

Cutting a fucking cake with her weapon of Choice is a regular rite of passage at the Tea Thyme Brasserie bar & grill, so Know, cutting a cake with a sword is Knot one of Em#.

In Local news, now that Evry body is happy in Paris, France, the toons at el mundo de Le Monde were caught pan-handling for votes at La Place de les innocentes, a section of the Paris Centre block that got notorious after a King lost his life.

The question is, will the Mexican midterm election¹ or WO’ist! The New Mexico State record-breaking turnout outshine a los hijos de Poquelin in next week’s French Regional elections?

¹)._ With it’s 99 bottles of beer on the wall and it’s 99 Red Luftballons remembering the 90’some politicians – 35 of these listed on the midterm ballot – who were dispatched or disappeared by rivals in the now concluded election where The Left lost the Capital city (sort of*

L’image manquante: les contradictions in progress, or as the French say, “in reel time”.

Over the Waves, Zhe Germans’ (those motherfuckers* jammed the Siren Server, and you are Knot gonna going to believe what happens next.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2021/06/13 /asia /new-zealand-houseplant-trademe-auction-trnd /index .html

Cory Coffin in the role of a tripod and an ambience noise mic™️ reports from the heart of Paris where 🥩 Walker is playing over the Seine (punto y coma) and if you transliterate the melody it seems that it told the story of doña Vilma Fuentes-es-ese best friend, a bloke named Whitman next to a very very Very old tree. PALMY on the right, an exotic transplant from somewhere where there’s a beach was picked-up complaining that Parisian plantas just suffered a blow to the ego with that 20 Thousand €uros Plus price tag for a Kiwi shrub. Bushy on the Left expressed concern for that “Global Tax” talks over the waves.

🇩🇪 — 🇫🇷

          *0 – 1 ) 9’20”

(Hernandez* to Hummel and that’s fratricide!

Second Half from a German Antiques Road Show, or something like that! Over on ESPN 8 (El Ocho* it’s La FRANCE vS. The Netherlands in Volleyball.

Ohhhhhh, Exquisite Denial!!! What a Touch but it’s OffSide!!! TWICE!!!! The HUMANITY!!!

Fair Use of an Offside

— At 22h30 Zhe Germans are bringing in reinforcements.

— France is playing in the same way that they fought after the “beaches landings”.

And that’s a Wrap, on Deadline.

IKEA™️ placeholder for the A.I. crowd goes here ⬇️

They call that “clase media” en las mañaneras de AMLO (🇲🇽*

KASIE HUNT is running for president of The Île-de-France, and the head of the Interior of France approves… [S]teve Kornacki ⬆️ (🇵🇱* , is not amussed, period

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