And in Washington, The NYT skipped a step on one of the bases of Metro Line 12

…[P]reviously on, Marcus MillerEwe Sun ov-Ah Bitch! Come At Mí with a boomerang full of Tickets to Jazz a Juan, (Sir*

And, Siren, Öüï kissed the good life away a long time ago… is that all there is 🔝 to “Ambición?”,  Let’s ask Morena-Francia and los amigos de López Obrador at The Bourse de Paris… so don’t make Mí crash The Arenas at Cardinale Lemoine.

Mika closes the post-cold war era tensions with a perfect impersonation of a “grown-ass” and soon-to-be unemployed Kate McKinnon, Cousin Joe on the opposite end of Mika’s left shoulder is getting better all the time at pegging the stupid face of the “Guy with a boat” character on SNL.

Fuck Ironman… Eye Am Groot!
🎵 Give peace a chance.

And still to come:

Badges!!! “I’m with Mel Brooks, Öüï don’t need no’stinkin Badges!

Over at The New York Times, the ol’ newspaper of record in the U.S. of A. is at it again, The NYT is taking “KurBall’s” information regarding Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretary, Marcelo Ebrard, and his role in the collapse of an elevated metro line segment on a Mexican street… and his time while being exiled on Paris more « exclusive » Main Streets. This is going to get ugly.

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