Uno de junio… and the weed report

How Eye learned to Save The WO’id and Burn The Beatles 💋 This are my credentials… And Chicano Batman (you motherfucker)… Freedom is Knot free, you French Son of a B….etter World. Dreyfus sends his regards, you fuck!

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s the 11th Hour and … we remind McCarthy that Öüï began our journey on the first Saturday of 1991 in Kentucky, crossed The Atlantic to Heidelberg (Krautland) to get an Eight Up (pronounced Ate Up) Pathfinder patch, yada yada yada, and left Camp Casey (pronounced with a Capital K) with the John Lennon “Indian Patch”… That Is You’ve Got Ewe KNOW, Tune in but IT’s All right from Hope to Eternity… “It doesn’t matter much to Mí ».

No, no, No, Know!!!


“50 over Fiddy???»… Vice President Harris ca’int be a THEY over Thirty!

And Amb. Kennedy, don’t you forget that Australia is the Enemy… and Öüï is glad that you are no longer feeling Japanese.

And Katty Kay, June bug is the put a smile in your smack’er Month. And loss of signal, as usual is in full-effect…

Listen up Rolo Lemire, spit her out! Spit Kasie OUT!!! (you motherfucker)… and Willie Geist? Need Eye, refer you to all OF THE CRAP YOU LEARNED IN HIGH SCHOOL? Issy, Willie Geist, Eye did catch  you throwing them beads across the round table at the Mention of Mardi Grass, and it’s OK… say is Claire on the roster to they? If she show U.S. her carrot cake Öüï will show y’all of the boobs, starting with Netanyahu.

Witt D.A.T. in mind:

There he goes A Gain, Senator John McCaine is taunting Chuck de Gaulle, in this Stanza, The Maverick is dressed like the Original Nutty Professor.

Ladies in Gemini, THE ONE AND ONLY: JERRY Lewis… i swear this fucker came back as a Prefecture de Police (Cité) police officer on Metal detector duty… (Trenet knot Lewis) if time permits Eye will show you a picture of that SumBitch on account that very, very, very early on in the Process that gentleman got a kick of our Cinema (pronounced Kyrsten Sinema) at Cité.

Records and archives from March the First will show that the “hosto” houskeeping and other assorted front-line workers at the aforementioned Cochin are the backbone of the Georges Pompidou European Medical Mall.

MAKE IT ONE FOR MY BABY… and one for the good folks from the Medical Lab at Cochin who start the month in full NATIONAL SPORTS mode at the Rencontre Point á Châtelet (A B D coming from 4 14) the white coats demand that their medical instructions don’t be ignored at CITÉ (punto y coma AKA: Hôpital Dieu)

… And Katty Kay: it turnout that KNOW! Öüï cant just get along — they cut my headphones… gonna have to Ride a Buck, and fuck–Eye is Knot fond of the Rejoneador, but if you insist all that Eye asks (you motherfuckers) is to see me Face-to-face not that faggety shit you are good at… being punks.


Let’find out, FUCK IT!!! PABST BLUE RIBBON IS IN FULL EFFECT! And Ben Harper, Fuck your mr. iq.

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