And Alicia Menendez… did you party all knight with Pettypiece or do you two just wanna be French

Look at you two, Red-Blue… you two are just asking for La Ficha Blanca.

Now I know what youse thinking, Red/White/Blue? That’s not French, and you’d be right, but it would also mean that you are following Cerf-panthére’s command [on N° 3631] to stop the Reflex, and Eye quotes « si vous voulez arrêter de réfléchir enlevez tous vous miroirs », and there lies the issue, everything on the streams is reviewed through a mirror and this particular one se le conoce como el retrovisor.

… And [ ] Eddie Gloude Junior: the problem with the police is that they are there to represent the State (capital Ese), por ejemplo LOOK AT FRANCE, take Paris, Texas… really; take Paris but never on a Sunday Morning, the Frogs consider that a Sacrilege.

With this in mind, Roland Garros walks into a bar, hilarity ensues when BFM’er TV walks in and demands from Mr. Garros the federation’s daily quota of interviews from the talent.

But FO’ist, Knot to be outdone by the the month of May in the United States, who by the-wey just libraron (cleared) the ups and downs of the Asian American And, might Eye add, Pacific Islanders* (sans fili-pinos) in the United States, the very French (those motherfuckers…🛰) just invented anxiety and introversion.


* See the Loué (pronounced Lú) Diamond Philipps post on this blog.

Anyhow, fuck Texas… with a Capital “F”, because that is their fucking grade in Civics (with a lower Kase See).

But like Öüï said… our biggest worry right now is saving the weed from the Centrifugal switch. As Eye reflects on the After Action Review [all caps] Öüï noticed that Aix-en-Provance (lavender) just gave our unmentionables a Juanita Sativa aroma.

And John Meachum (you son of a bitch) don’t give Mí know Indian-French Wars shit! Because Öüï is finally figuring out what an Existential Moment feels like. On the One hand, after two hours the weed has knot JET! Dried and the preliminary (puff) test confirms the following Algebraic test:

[This part will take all They, so skip to the breakdown] 🚶🏽‍♂️ or the countdown on Deadline.

And Cousin Joe, the people you used to respect are calling for a Chile 🇨🇱 moment…

and my weed is wet!!! If Eye could, he’d help, but Öüï put that SumBitch on time-out, —on account of his fuck-up, forgetting the Weed in the Dirty Laundry load.

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