Kendis… stop being a dick—LEAVE LINDSEY ALONE!

Pathfinder, eh?

Tell Mí, Moore, what says Ewe? Ha!

And, Lindsey:

Guess Watt?

It’s morning in America, which means that nothing out of the ordinary happened last night, Space X is getting ready to launch another payload into space and another governor is going to give his condolences to another batch of “well-armed militia” victims.

While that develops, former Representative (With a Capital Erre) and fiend* of this blog, Beto O’Rourke is trying to tell The Nation that what happens in the Texas LegisCature  is usually the result of “the other” Texans (punto y coma), Ewe know, the ones on the side of the Florida Man family tree.

* Know algebraic formula is needed for this Whattaburger meal: an “Erre” was simply Subtracted (with a Capital Ese) to add that little extra roar in the post involved.

Right now, after Child support (witt a Kapital Ch.) and other assorted taxes Öüï could care less about a trajectory of tejas that Eye kind of been telling y’all about on this Tangent (whit a capital Tee) on account that it is Laundry They and that stupid SumBitch (Eye) left our Weed Rations (with a Qapitol Wrrrrr) inside of the dirty little pocket of Mí’s raggedy-ass blue jeans… THE FUCKING HUMANITY, of IT!!!

And in Paris… Good news from the Cecily Strong camp, because Knot-to-be-Out Matched by our editorial outrage of Strong losing her job at SNL, the Parisien went ahead and found another gig for Strong. Starting yesterday, Catherine Deneuve stars as our favorite down-and-out mistress of the skids and resident dingleberry vamp, the one and only: Cathy Anne… hilarity ensues when an Alien joins the set.

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