And but for the fact, aussi… [T]hat Brian Williams was sent to Paraguay

Oh, the HuManEeety!!!

Knot to be outshined by The MSNBC in The Tulsa Masacre in Oklahoma, La France actually goes to Rwanda and  does the same zouave routine, which is a good routine so don’t you let me be misunderstood… here’s a mnemonic: it’s Rwanda, not kurwa… for f.a.q.’s sake.

Upon hearing the news, the Mexican envoy to the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris walks out of the Sherman MEMORIAL Baseball Compound at Vincennes in the middle of a Pitch. At the moment it remains a mystery to u.s. if the Mexican envoy still holds a grudge por aquellos pasteles que nunca se pagaron.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2021/05/27 /africa/rwanda-france-genocide-macron-forgiveness-intl/index .html

It’s Memorial They Weakend, y’all .:. 18684BC2-500E-42F9-8FB9-9B06630AC690 .:. Across La Mancha the Aussies refer to Them as “The Others »… o algo así.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Zouave

🎱 🗺 ⏳

[Cutline placeholder: Knot hyperbole, Mr. Mehdi, —but hypotenuse (punto y coma) ask your 6 year-old what’s on the opposite side of a RIGHT ANGLE, de Un CODO, or a plain ol’90° Engle.]

Let Mí transliterate that to Chinese… y dice así:

Es qué? es que… es que: Total, “si te va a tocar, aunque te quites; si no te va a tocar, aunque te pongas ». Alarcón en El Heraldo, via el monoaureo . com

TOTAL, speak of a CHARismatic leader, the following afore placed frame is a humble acknowledgement that i can see your point, because i’ve wrestled with d.a.t., and other assorted “particular theories” and of course, mas que nada on account D.A.T.  Eye told you so

Phil warned about, It!, but The BriWi was out and the bridges down, “think twice” that chippy Brit said, adding “’cus it’s another They for Ewe and Mí, [and Mí] Chris Haynes, —in Paradise.”

Previously on layers cake…

Risotto recipe for “the girl who told Mí how the World Ends” and, Little Nicole Club pitch-person Nicole Perlorth, —•!•— follows… bring Claire McCaskill recipe for Carrot Cake. 🐭

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