Hola Biches… don’t Ewe forget to Cross your Eyes and Dot your Tees

No insistas Suzy, but if you insist here is a Cuadro sin ConTexto, va por vos—Maja.

[Cutline holder:
Dot your Tee-s is CODE for Wet T-Shirt Contest at The Brasserie Bar and Grill]

It’s that time of the year to select this year’s cover for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special Edition* 🔰 Steph on the Left is wearing a Flock of Seagulls recycled silk maillot and, on the Right, Kristen gets a Walk home and is disqualified from the catwalk.

*.-) Iran edition

Öüï join our Exclusive coverage of The 1st 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris at the Bottom of the Second, and Ya Vi que los Piratas de Pittsburgh juegan al béisbol in the same fashion that the Andrés Manuel López Orador team purchases Old Relics in Texas to refine fossil fuel.

Deer, Adrienne Elrod… did you just called Mama Poule a chicken? This is why the locals here call French Fries: patriotic « allumettes ».

Deer, Mika… stop being such a Karen with mental health, and here is why, because Cousin Joe just passed that diamond from just a few pitches ago. It’s a beautiful rock, best diamond Joe’s ever passed.

Ashi Kagó Yow, knot to be confused with Ashi Kagó Zaratustra, because that’s over on the Roland Garros telenovela-Chow… pronounced for Ewe gringos : Show, as in show Mí your? … Anyone, “Show Mí your?”.

Oh boy… Steph is asking for trouble 👙… SI is up next, move over Kathy Ireland, Stephanie is shooting for 14 consecutive covers of Sports Illustrated (Muuua! Indeed Mua! Mua! Mua!)

¿Quesadilla sin queso, pues—mi Peje? No hay pedo, mi Peje, no hay pex, de cualquier manera quédese con el MUA!

Mua (Week 23)

A—men… after the break, Martha Stewart makes Pussy Guacamole using the secret utensil: El Molcajete…

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