Namaste… and the French Constitution says: arrêtez ça

Ahora sí, Adela… pasa “la micha” porque ya–mamaste… pero primero (noticias) ¡KOURCHENKO!!!

Meat the Bee Tales

But FO’ist, The Minister of z’education in FRANCE got his Masters in Alabama, and here’s why, apparently French minorities are too stupid to handle more than one fucking language and/or dialect at the time.

... [T]he education ministry appealed the bill, arguing that so-called "immersive teaching" could mean that children do not reach the required level of French language skills.

This type of legislating is right up the alley of the current president of The France who thinks that Mary Jane leads to COCO Channel, and by Coco Channel i mean fucking Cocaine. What’s next, a “just say no” campaign. Alcohol, including champagne, Mr. Macron, is what keeps the French tobacco lobby selling Lucky Strikes in the 21st Fucking Century, and not weed, —Mr. President.

Te regalaron la alternativa

So… Superfly, check it out, the Cheney’s are not going to like the following (flashback) TRIP on account that I am going to triangulate the Cults that the Ronald Reagan Republicans played for years in order to get away with a BENCH full of conservative Federal judges. —!— When Cousin Joe praises Cheney’s daughter for her courage to stand up against the MAGA HAT that she helped design it is like THE American Israeli Political Action Committee sponsoring Anti YOGA legislation on the Dixon-Mason Arrondissements. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY must cease to exist, except for its rightful place in the unraveling of that American “exceptionalism” that the French went ahead and invented, any güey.

ISSY, así funcionan los “Amigos” de morena-francia en París (punto y coma) pero igual aNsiNa funcionaba el Gobierno de François Hollande con los amigos de Enrique Peña Nieto.

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