Top of the FO’ist, Foucault is at the plate

Hidalgo anticipates Foucault’s “Madness” and delivers a flip change, Foucault pops it up and that’s the first out for the Fifth Republic All BLA.

Esos “ambulantes”, nomas sus chicharrones truenan, dicen los Wüerkos. .:. 480EA6D4-8684-4F17-A27F-350F74962B32 🧟‍♂️ Later that day, ONNAPAFA (chocolate selling syndicate) showed up and warmed-up (calentó) “el carril lateral” where the informal chewing gum and unappreciated autóctonos crafts from TAPACHULA were being sold to drivers passing by.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2021 /04/19 /well /mind /covid-mental-health-languishing .html

Up next at bat is the Star of the hour and Med-evac* extraordinaire, Louise Michel, and so there is only one pitch to fit in here and if you guessed the riseup then you are smarter than Mí.

But FO’ist:

As HO’id on the Morjo Show, “if you’re going to cheat, cheat now,” —_!_— Hidalgo loaded that throw with enough harissa from Tunisia sauce to spice up the plate.
— Foucault swings, ball hits the bat at a tangent and catapults to Right-field where the monopoly of violence makes the easy catch.


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