And, Loss of Signal… it’s the geo-positioning

The clear Choice: BioPower!

Así Habla Mussolini.

Over in Washington, D.C. is having trouble reckoning with the fact that The Evergreen State has the copyright to call its territory, Washington State, period—Full Stop.

It’s no secret that back in 1889, D.C. was against naming the 42nd State, Washington. During the incorporation of the Northwest into a most imperfect Union, D.C. used to scream at the top of its bullhorns slogans such as, « Say no to “The State of Washington », “There can be only ONE Washington on the Dollar Bill”, and the anti-Yukon moniker, “At this rate they’ll let Alaska in”.

At The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes it’s the Top of the FO’ist and Anne Hidalgo is about to find out if Louise Michel is going to opt for a designated hitter or if the mother of all things Communard (in France) is gonna do like López Obrador do(es): peloter@ a la bola 🎶

Previously on, The Ancien Regime: Prisons and the metaphors who love them.

Still to come: Eye Knows how to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

… [A]nd of course, Loss of Signal, you know i love her, but she too is going to have to give it up. Come on give it up for Azz… formally went by Jazz.

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