Öüï is experiencing unnecessary censorship

But don’t worry… the sign remains the same

Loss Of Signal, where would Eye be without you.

Loss Of Signal it is because of EWE that the thing that Guns and Roses calls “Patience” grew on Mí in the same way that Shellfish develop their conchas… no por nada, los más “Shell-udos” in the 19k block are Saint-George’s kids.

Now for y’all who are not wondering why Saint George is the patron saint of armor is a mystery on to itself, but sources close to The motherfucking Dragon relay that Saint George is the only known Saint to wield a sword on horseback, Saint George is not the only known saint on horseback, however, take Saint Martin (Caballero) he is also portrayed mounted on a horse but Martin is not in war mode, as a mater of fact, Saint Martin is on “wardrobe mode” passing out cloaks and just being all emphatic (and shit…)

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /19K

Next at bat, Paul-Michel Foucault… the deconstruction will not be televised.

Anyhow, Öüï now returns to The First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris Softball Tournament at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Stadium à Vincennes where “I know a guy” was peddling « 3’s » from the amphitheater of the architect, or something like that.

Now, by the power vested in Mí by the motherfuckers who saved Pvt. Ryan, be advised that Ancient Explorers of the Lost Biblioteca Nacional agree that…

the two-run homer is going to ricochet like a grounder to shortstop and soc it to the man on The Dark Side of The Moon, of the moon, Alicia! Of the moon.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki/L%27 Escalier_des_signes_et_des_nombres

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