Anyhow, Loss of Signal… “So it goes”

It’s the top of the FO’ist and the score is 2-0 in favor of La Commune de Paris All-Stars and then some, and Micha Foucault is at the plate, Macron wants Hidalgo to walk him but Hidalgo shakes her head…

Now you are probably wondering what the top frame has to do with Rambouillet, the answer when The Rapture and Fab Five Freddy party with “the man from Mars ». The thing is that Ms. William’s comment at that particular timestream kind of sort of is not « mutually exclusive » from the questions that continue to develop in Rambouillet (proper). Ms. Williams (top frame) wants command level enforcement officers in Minnesota to be more like the character of ‘Bob Hodges’ executed by Robert Duval in Dennis Hopper’s 1988 tribute to Maria Conchita Alonso « COLORS », and less like Sean Penn, period (punto y coma) in Rambouillet, Öüï reckons that at least one dearly departed desk duty cop would have hoped that disgruntled extremist be less like the Crips and them Bloods, and more like “Bob Hodges”.

_Macron squats down behind the plate and the Empire’s umpire says, “what a heck”, as he scratches his head while listening to Garrett Haike*… correction, the name is not Garrett Haike and today according to Harrett Gaike it is not Saturday, in any case the plot in this arc includes a coup d’état at the Lindsey and that other guy’s report show. The other half on this drama is Cori Coffin who is already programming non-viewers of the Lindsey and that other guy’s report show with the terrible idea of replacing the Saturday Morning Cartoons with the Harrett and Cori Repo’. Hallie Jackson recorded the scoop and then Lindsey called it in.

And D.C. belongs to the Justice League.



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