Mitterrand swings, connects, and it’s out of this Bleu Marble called Terra

They don’t call this fucker Jupiter for nothing, that ball is headed to the Space Station and the precision of the artifacts used by Mission Control in what is now becoming Tesla’s “ritual de lo habitual” send-off into the Final Frontier were just perfect, period and full speed ahead.

But FO’ist, you probably have HO’id about “a lady who’s sure all that glitters is AU”, and if you know about them Stairs, please be advised that the following Stairs have nothing to do with one another, but coincidentally they lead to the same place, which of course is the Greatest City ever built… until it fell.

Over at la Biblioteca Nacional de Francia you can stumble upon an amphitheater shaped metro entrance. The nineteen aisles that make up them stairs are stamped in nineteen different LENGUAS, most of the number “3’s” have either experienced the force of gravity per square millimeter of adhesive holding the number to the wall or, have been snatched by superstitious idiots who think that it is cool… anybody want to purchase an original N°3 from the stairs at the François Mitterrand metro stop?

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